Date: 13th February 2020

FSA announces CBD food supplements have to be registered by 2021


As of this morning, 13th of February 2020, The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has announced that food and supplements containing CBD will have to be registered by March 2021 or they could be removed from sale next year. This is a significant development for the industry.


Jas Nottay, CEO at Healthy Hemp Products Ltd, said: “We anticipated and welcome this morning’s announcement by the FSA. The lack of clarity and certainty has always been a cause for concern for the industry as a whole and this statement today certainly addresses this.”

“Our view is that regulation and a clear Route to Compliance can only be positive for the responsible businesses that make up the majority of the industry, like Healthy Hemp Products ltd and its high-street brands, Loveburgh Raw and Synergetic.”

Healthy Hemp Products ltd are a company rooted in ethics and consumer safety and gladly welcome a Route to Compliance for the industry. We are however still of the opinion that natural (not including isolated or synthetic forms) CBD products, like high-street brands Loveburgh and Synergetic, and its other brands manufactured by HHP, do not fall under the scope of the Novel Food schedule but also agree that formal standards must be further issued to support responsible businesses.

Jas Nottay continued: “Regulation and forming a Route to Compliance is a must. Firstly it ensures consumer safety above all – meaning rouge sellers and cheap, fake or poorly made products which have not been tested and authorised cannot be allowed into the open market to potentially harm or be mis-sold to consumers. Consumers should be chosing a natural product, from a responsible supplier who can validate their entire supply-chain process and who does not base their products on CBD-isolates will ensure this risk is highly minimised.”

The mis-selling of products alone reiterates the fact that regulation of the CBD industry is very important and should by no means be an oversight. It should also give reassurance to the thousands of returning customers that Loveburgh, Synergetic and all other products manufactured exclusively by HHP will remain on the shelves in stores across the country.

Healthy Hemp Products Ltd are a leading manufacturer in the UK CBD industry, having being formally established in 2015. As a company we remain at the forefront of the global cannabis industry and currently leverage all of the areas we are vested into, ensuring our products continue to undergo the correct testing and safety reporting.

Jas Nottay concludes: “Our aim is to make sure our seed to sale products remain safe, consistent and on the shelves for people to buy. It is as simple as that. As a company we have a responsibility to all of our customers and have undertaken the necessary steps to ensure that our product ranges will continue to be fully compliant and authorised to be legally sold within the UK, having been subjected to the rigorous testing standards required for safe CBD products.”

So, rest assured, if your CBD supplier has not gotten an Approval Status for their goods, or is not undertaking the necessary steps to obtain approval or maintain compliance, then we would highly suggest to choose a supplier who has!


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