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necessity is the mother of invention


Loveburgh was born out of necessity. A necessity to heal and nurture the human body. Founder and MD Jas, discovered the many nutritional benefits of adopting a full plant based diet in early 2013 where he embarked upon a journey of self-discovery ultimately leading to the self-healing and re-balancing of many ailments he suffered from at the time.

A visit to his local GP during 2013 for further diagnosis of conditions was the final straw for him which is when decided to introduce an array of cannabinoids into his daily diet. He first started with using just the hemp plant – flowers, seeds, leaves and stocks – and quickly adopted methods of extracting the essential oils from the plant for concentrated effects. The transformation was almost instant – coupled with his rigorous diet and exercise regime he started to notice some really good results. Certain imbalances were starting to even themselves out – so much so he felt fitter and stronger than he’d ever been before and all within a short 6 months!

2 years later in 2015 (and after trials, errors and many, many sampling sessions with friends and family), Loveburgh was born – a plant based food supplement company with a mission to put a smile back on people’s faces using nothing but the wonderful gifts which Mother Nature provides.

Fast forward to 2018 and Loveburgh is one of the fastest growing European Cannabis-brands, with products across hundreds of outlets in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and now Poland.

Join Loveburgh on this wonderful journey of self-hempowerment and healing.

our mission

Our mission is to improve the health and performance of over 1 million people worldwide.

Through time-old remedies, modern science and research, we aim to reboot and turbo-charge as many endo-cannabinoid systems across the world as we can whilst helping mother nature with all her inhabitants live a cleaner and healthier life.




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