Loveburgh Black Turmeric Tea – 40g

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  • Description

    Unwind and Relax with Loveburgh's Refreshingly Crisp, Indian Assam Black Turmeric Tea.  

    Loveburgh have carefully crafted a rare powerhouse of rhizomes, our magical ingredient to create the perfect Kali Haldi tea aka “black turmeric” which is a potent herb used throughout ancient Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It is known to have as much as 30 times more of the active ingredient’s “curcumin” than any other variety!

    This exotic blend contains a whopping 500mg of pure hand-picked black turmeric in each tea bag which has been cultivated on 100% organic lands and ethically sourced. Hand-picked loose leaf Indian Assam, sun dried, cured and infused with sustainably cultivated Curcuma Caesa (black turmeric).

  • Product Information

    Loveburgh's Perfect Cuppa!

    • Add 1 teabag to freshly boiled water
    • Brew for 2-4 minutes
    • Add milk to multiply the benefits from turmeric
    • Add honey to add a little sweetness
    • ENJOY!
  • Ingredients


    • Loose leaf black tea (80%)
    • Turmeric root (20%).

    Key Info

    • Organic grown and ethically sourced ingredients
    • Vegan
    • GMO Free
    • No Added Preservatives
  • Disclaimer

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